Praise For Rachael's coaching

Rachael’s clients are celebrated in elite publications, partner with Fortune 500’s, and speak at major conferences across the country.

They do it all. You’re next.

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"Rachael is the real deal. Within one week of our first call, she helped me book my first major PR piece with Forbes. I felt so confident - she even prepped me on exactly what to say during the interview!"

Paige Strackman, Singer + Entrepreneur


Paid Speaking

“Rachael is a Thought Leadership guru. She helped me understand  + strategically attack the keynote speaking space, and position myself as an expert in my field. Since her mentorship, I have booked 15 paid speaking events and have negotiated my rates 50% more!”

Haley Hoffman Smith - Founder of beauty company, Her Big Lash

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"I cannot thank Rachael enough! In a recent conversation, she gave me so much clarity into what to offer for my five-figure branding package when partnering with multiple six-figure entrepreneurs. Her insight and knowledge are incomparable!"

Tiffany Tolliver, CEO + Founder Emma Rose Digital Agency