Hi, i’m rachael bozsik, but you can call me “RB”…


behind the scenes: My story


It all started with a tea party. At age 11, I became obsessed with throwing next-level personalized events for my girlfriends, where they had a safe space to talk about their dreams. I used fine china and “outsourced” high-quality tea & baked goods (thanks, mom). Hello - world, an entrepreneur with an appreciation for an up-leveled life, was born.

That passion for curating highly personalized luxury experiences continued with me through my school years. My love for surrounding myself and others with beautiful environments led me to become a licensed realtor at 20.

Then, at 22, I founded The Brand Girls; an international, personal branding workshop geared for college women. Here, we have coached 3,000 women positioning them for career success.

By 25, I was recognized as a branding guru by Forbes, Teen Vogue, and Glamour, to name a few.


Since then, I’ve fully stepped into my niche as an expert in thought leadership for female entrepreneurs. I have shared my expertise with 30,000+ women, educating audiences at 75+ Universities, Fortune 500’s, and entrepreneurial conferences + masterminds.


And now, I’m here to support you brilliant, female entrepreneurs who populate a range of fabulous industries including, interior design, life coaching, event planning, marketing, fashion, consumer goods, etc Together, we are going to market your genius while growing your confidence, growing your influence, and growing your profits.



my area of

My clients are celebrated in elite publications, partner with Fortune 500’s, and speak at major conferences across the country.

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"Rachael is the real deal. Within one week of our first call, she helped me book my first major PR piece with Forbes. I felt so confident - she even prepped me on exactly what to say during the interview!"

Paige Strackman, Singer + Entrepreneur



The “Official...
Official” Bio

Rachael Bozsik is an international speaker and Thought Leadership Coach for female entrepreneurs. It is her mission to empower entrepreneurial women to position themselves as world-class thought leaders and public figures in their niche via press, paid speaking and partnerships.

Rachael has been applauded for her work in numerous publications as a top-tier expert in elite brand positioning. Through her work as a professional speaker, she has empowered 30,000+ women on stages including Spanx HQ, Wharton Business School, Cornell, Professional Business Women of California National Conference, American Society of Interior Designers, Nylon Magazine's Influencer Conference -just to name a few. 

Through Rachael’s specific and personalized concierge coaching she supports female clients to build their credibility, authority thus their bottom line. Her clients have been featured by exclusive media outlets (Vogue, Forbes, Fast Company), partnered with Fortune 500’s and have been the keynote speaker at large-scale events.